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Certified Translations
State-Appointed Sworn Translators
Printed & Digital Copies
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SEO Consulting
International Product Roll-Out
Market Evaluation and Strategy
Navigating Culture
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Quality Assessment

Editing and Proofreading
Quality Reports for Existing Content
Adaptation & Repair
Expert Linguists
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Translation + Review
Native Speakers
Qualified Graduate Linguists
General Translation Qualification
Review by a Second Linguist
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Translation + Editing
Native Speakers
Qualified Graduate Linguists
Field-Specific Experts
Editing by a Second Linguist
Review by a Third Linguist
per 100 words
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Localization / Transcreation
Native Speakers
Qualified Graduate Linguists
Our Most Experienced Experts
Highly Specialised
Editing by a Second Linguist
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specialist translators

The Linguists that Make Pursuit

We're proud to introduce you to some of the translators we work with everyday.
Experienced, thorough, and as reliable as they come, we're fortunate to have partnerships with these expert linguists!

Highly Experienced Medical and Technical Specialist Translator for Dutch
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International Award Winning Linguists for Spanish, together with Antonella, Paula, and Julieta.
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Lawyer and Expert Legal Translator for Polish, Sworn by Higher Regional Court of Dresden
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Patent and Technical Translation Specialist for Italian and Friulian
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